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Block Chain Smart Contracting by Bizsupermart

Blockchain(Smart Contracting) Company

We are a start-up company leveraging block chain to disrupt traditional procurement methods. Huge market potential in Asia Pacific region. We have a strong management team, excellent growth potential and large number of regional partners.
Food Tech Company For Sale By Bizsupermart

Food Tech Company

We own, sell, operate and represent various vending machines brands and robots, using face recognition and various tools to ease operations. We have reputable customer base including major Singapore attractions and prime retails malls. Great growth potential and recurring income potential.
loyalty membership for marine industry by bizsupermart

Marine Tech Company

We are a MarineTech company with deep industry expertise and a proven business model. We provide leading loyalty membership solutions in Marine industry. We are currently raising pre-Series A funding and seek strategic investors to propel growth and regional expansion.
block chain power utility for sale by bizsupermart

Technology Company Disrupting Utility Sector

We are a new startup based in Singapore building real time blockchain applications to disrupt status quo in utility sector. We automate the entire value chain of electricity from generation to consumption in electricity market. We worked with new-age retailers to be their tech partner as we embark on the journey of building environmental conscious new electricity ecosystem.