Multi-Vendor Marketplace Company

Multi-vendor marketplace for on demand services

S$25,000 – S$500,000.

Seeking angel-round funding for an early-stage technology startup, with ready client base. We are developing a multi vendor marketplace for on-demand services, and aims to address the huge market opportunities for the unbanked

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Crowdfunding Platform


We are a crowdfunding platform helping creators and entrepreneurs in Asia to raise funds for their technology-infused businesses. We are also providing a SaaS platform for host organizations (e.g. foundations, CSR groups, NGOs, investment firms, incubators etc) to efficiently manage fundraising campaigns for their campaigners (e.g. projects, investees, startups, etc). Since 2018, Bean Buddy has collaborated with more than 10 organizations in South East Asia with a cumulative total of over 30 campaigns to date.

We are raising 250K USD to further enhance our platform, reach out to more partners, and build a better ecosystem.