Marine Data Management (for Renewable Energy and other Applications)

Renewable energy company looking for investment


We are a spin off from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), with expertise in sustainable energy research, development and domain knowledge in wind, solar, and marine renewables. Incorporated in 2014, we have been providing Suitability Analytics, Data Catalogue and Report Products, AI-assisted Technical services, and project management globally.

We are a high revenue company, currently handle projects in Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, and other international markets. We seek Series A investor offering an attractive valuation for a limited period. Call your friendly consultant for a chat at +65 9639 0813.

Education Tech Company


We are a global education platform which aims to bring affordable, quality education to the world. Our innovative business model, strong Singapore management, educators team, partnership with Governments, IP and base of ready international clients ensure your success as our strategic partner.

Call your friendly consultant for a chat at +65 9639 0813.

eSports Company

esports company for sale


We are a fun and experienced team of media, entertainment, technology and esports enthusiasts extremely passionate in our fields.

We build social communities, influencers, brand ambassadors for the global esports digital population. We promote responsible esports activities, a balanced and healthy lifestyle and career development.

Health Supplement Company

health supplement company for sale


We are a innovative health supplements company with operations in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia. Our products is distributed in pharmacies in Singapore and Indonesia.

Our 10,000 members are supported by local team of advisors, in-house manufacturing facilities and advanced R&D.

HR Tech & Employee Company

Human Resource Technology for sale


Strong company with fast growth, now partnering with Facebook & Singapore Government, we are an award-winning HR tech company with offices in Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and the Philippines.

Previously raised USD $1m, now closing Series A round of USD $5m. We provide data-driven employee performance management and onboarding solutions, which save companies money. We have a strong management team, 450 business customers and a USD $4m quarterly sales pipeline. We need your investment support for fast global growth. Call your friendly consultant for a chat at +65 8767 3897.

Food Tech Company

Food tech company


We own, sell, operate and represent various vending machines brands and robots, using face recognition and various tools to ease operations.

We have reputable customer base including major Singapore attractions and prime retails malls. Great growth potential and recurring income potential.

Marine Tech Company



We are a MarineTech company with deep industry expertise and a proven business model. We provide leading loyalty membership solutions in Marine industry.

We are currently raising pre-Series A funding and seek strategic investors to propel growth and regional expansion.

Technology Company Disrupting Utility Sector

block-chain-power-utility for sale

S$1,700,000. We are a new startup based in Singapore building real time blockchain applications to disrupt status quo in utility sector. We automate the entire value chain of electricity from generation to consumption in electricity market. We worked with new-age retailers to be their tech partner as we embark on the journey of building environmental … Read more